• Where can you ship to?

    We are able to ship to anywhere in Malaysia

  • Do you have other sizes?

    Currently we only have 500ml and 750ml bottle. Please contact us if you need any other size and we will try to accommodate you.

  • What if the jar arrived broken?

    Show us the photo and we will get you a replacement at our cost.


  • Do you accept Cash On Delivery?

    No we don't. All payment must be completed before the honey is delivered.

  • Do you accept Paypal?

    Yes we do.


  • Is your honey real?

    Our honey is 100% real with no artificial ingredients.

  • Where is the honey from?

    Terra Orchard's honey is harvested and produced locally in Malaysia. Our bee hives are mainly in the state of Johor and Terengganu, although we do move them around depending on the flower bloom.

  • Do you process your honey?

    We do not process our honey except filter the debris, i.e, honey comb.